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Relieving children’s earaches

First published October 2012

How do earaches affect babies and young children and what is the latest evidence-based management advice?

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New paracetamol dosing guidelines

First published February 2012

What are the new paracetamol dosing guidelines?


The role of sleep in happy, healthy baby development

First published June 2016

Why is sleep so important for a baby's development? 


The benefits of infant massage

First published September 2012

What are the benefits of infant massage?

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The management of mouth ulcers

First published November 2012

What treatments should you recommend to clients with mouth ulcers?


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Child immunisations

First published August 2011

Why should children be immunised and when?


Tackling head lice in schoolchildren

First published August 2012

What are the best strategies for controlling head lice?


Nutrition Module 3: Nutritional value of the weaning diet

Which nutrients are important to support an infant’s optimal growth?

Carrie Ruxton PhD, registered dietician