Covid-19: how Unite-CPHVA are working on your behalf

25 March 2020

An update on how your union is working to ensure safe practice in the most challenging health battle in a generation.

‘In these incredibly difficult times, we fully understand that it is a very stressful period to be a community practitioner, and that you may have both professional and personal anxieties,’ says Unite lead professional officer Gavin Fergie.   

‘We want to let you know how Unite-CPHVA are working to put your concerns front and centre, and that we are here to support you.

‘As part of a continual process, Unite-CPHVA are currently engaging with the governments across the UK in order to offer clear guidance for our members. This is an evolving situation, which we are continually working on. 

‘Unite-CPHVA colleagues are working on your behalf on a range of issues including the current lack of PPE (personal protective equipment) in the community, workload expectations, and the pressures in the workforce.

‘We are also gathering information from around the UK on what the further specific issues are for members so that we can take these to the respective governments.

‘In the meantime, if you want to raise any issues, please contact your local representative in the first instance. While all Unite offices are currently closed, with staff working from home, we continue to work on behalf of our members, as you remain our priority.

‘We will of course update you on developments as regularly as we can.’

Meanwhile, since the NMC released its joint statements on Covid-19, it has issued guidance to all registrants, thanking and reassuring them in these unprecedented times, with information on further topics such as how revalidation deadlines will change. You can find FAQs on their Covid-19 online hub.

Unite has Covid-19 guidance and FAQs on its own website, regarding matters such as employment law and where to find further updates.

Unite has also launched a helpline and volunteer care service for its vulnerable members during the coronavirus crisis. All UK-based Unite members can call the helpline number on 0330 1072351 from 08:00 to 19:00, Monday to Friday. There is an overflow service at other times.

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