CPHVA Annual General Meeting 2017: Calling all CPHVA members!

There is an opportunity for you to apply for a supported place to attend your Annual General Meeting.

Uphold fair job evaluation

As employers seek to restructure and re-band positions, ensure that managers follow job evaluation procedures correctly, says Unite’s head of health Sarah Carpenter.

Pay cap protest

Unite-CPHVA members joined nurses and other health professionals on Wednesday (6 September) outside Parliament in Westminster to protest against the 1% public sector pay cap.

Positive stress-relief

If we can develop strategies to remain positive in a demanding and stressful work environment, argues Claire Chambers, our world will be a healthier and happier place.

Lost in translation

In a multilingual society and with interpreters in short supply, should children act as their parents’ language brokers with health professionals – even if they have embarrassing or taboo conditions? George Guiton, James Dunne and Fiona Finlay explore the issues.

Keep it clean

Superbugs, norovirus and antibiotic resistance regularly hit the headlines. John Windell explores the key role healthcare professionals can play in controlling infection.

Scotland: warning over pledge to increase health visitors

More should be done to offset health visitors in Scotland leaving or retiring, or plans to increase the number of health visitors in Scotland by around 50% over four years are unlikely to succeed.

Scotland: focus funding on early years, urges charity

The Scottish Government’s funding to close the gap in attainment between rich and poor is being used too late, Save the Children has warned.

The importance of communication in the practice teacher-student health visitor relationship

When a troubling incident with a student occurred, one teacher took a step back to reflect on her own practices – and made important realisations and changes as a result. Katie Kirk and Clare Hopkinson explain.

Harnessing a public health asset

Despite a rapid increase in birth rate, NHS-wide cuts mean that health visitor posts are being lost. Lisa Lewis asks what can be done to keep SCPHNs in public health.

Your workload: how much is too much?

How do you know when accepting more work would be unsafe for you and the families you work with? Unite’s head of health Sarah Carpenter takes a look.