Positive stress-relief

If we can develop strategies to remain positive in a demanding and stressful work environment, argues Claire Chambers, our world will be a healthier and happier place.

Beating the back-to-school blues

The arrival of the new school year can be a difficult time for children, reports Phil Harris.

Regrets help children make better decisions

Feeling regret helps children make better decisions, researchers from Queen’s University Belfast have found.

Body image: the pressure of 'normal'

While feeling body-conscious as a teenager may not be new, the issue is arguably now magnified thanks to always-on technology. Community Practitioner looks at the impact.

Building resilience

Young people face new and profound pressures in relationships with their parents and peers. Building up their resilience will equip them to come back stronger from adverse childhood experiences.

Wales: spending less than England on eating disorders

Less money is being spent on services to treat people with eating disorders in Wales than in England. This is despite more men and boys suffering from eating disorders, according to an investigation by the BBC’s Panorama.

Childhood obesity: an overview of the existing barriers to the health practitioner’s role in providing effective intervention

Amalia Burca Bouch highlights the latest guidance, and health professional research, on reducing the risks of childhood obesity. She also explores existing barriers to effective intervention and implementation of the guidelines.

Park run phenomenon

Since its beginnings in 2004, parkrun has inspired people to be more active, volunteer in their community and enjoy keeping fit. Chrissie Wellington, the setup’s global lead for health and wellbeing, reports on how it grew into a global phenomenon.

Adverse childhood experiences

Professor Mark Bellis is a director of Public Health Wales, an advisor to WHO, and an expert in violence prevention, alcohol, drugs and sexual health. Mark’s talk at the upcoming Unite-CPHVA conference focuses on adverse childhood experiences and their impact on individuals.

Messy family break-ups can increase risk to child health

Children of parents who had an acrimonious separation are more susceptible to colds in adulthood,

Mental abuse impacts more than domestic abuse

Growing up in a home with psychological abuse has longer-term effects on young people’s wellbeing than domestic violence, according to a new study from Ireland.