Annual conference 2017: insight into the dangers of chronic stress

People regularly working more than 11 hours a day have a likelihood of depression 250% higher than those working fewer hours.

Annual conference 2017: refer early and often to save babies’ lives

Parity of esteem between mental and physical health is key – this was the message impressed upon delegates by David Foreman, from the Royal College of Psychiatrists and King’s College London.

Bullying can leave mental health scars

A twin study has provided new evidence of the link between bullying and mental health issues in later life.

Wales: pilot scheme to offer early mental health support in schools

Pupils showing early signs of anxiety, depression or self-harm will receive specialist help at school under a pilot scheme being launched in Wales.

Mothering with a major mental Illness: examining emerging themes from the literature

This literature review by Diana Skibniewski-Woods examines the emerging themes found on mothering with a major illness, and is presented in relation to community practice.

Mental health: who's supporting mothers?

Services for maternal mental illness are emerging as the UK’s secret shame. How can the situation be improved for new mothers, and what role can community practitioners play, despite the challenges faced? Journalist Phil Harris takes a look.

Joint custody lessens impact on children

Preschool children have better mental health when they live with both parents  after a divorce, says a Swedish study.

‘Bad mum’ stigma stops women seeking postnatal depression help

Fear of being seen as a ‘bad mother’ is a barrier for women seeking help for postnatal depression, a new study finds.

Mental health risk linked to medication during pregnancy

Babies born to mothers using antidepressants during pregnancy are more likely to develop a psychiatric disorder, says research from Denmark.

Scotland: hundreds of thousands of children lack school counselling

More than 250,000 children in Scotland have no access to school-based counselling services, a BBC investigation has discovered.

Positive stress-relief

If we can develop strategies to remain positive in a demanding and stressful work environment, argues Claire Chambers, our world will be a healthier and happier place.