UK: no HPV vaccinations for teenage boys

Adolescent boys will not be offered the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccination on the NHS.

Positive information about vaccines can 'backfire' and 'reinforce ill-founded beliefs', say researchers

Pro-vaccine messages from health professionals can reinforce parents’ belief that children’s vaccines are damaging, a study has revealed.

Saliva tests track heptatis E outbreaks

A saliva test almost matches the performance of a blood test widely used to assess recent or past hepatitis E virus (HEV) infection, a new study has shown.

Hepatitis: the silent killer

As World Hepatitis Day approaches on 28 July, Community Practitioner shines the spotlight on this group of viruses that affects hundreds of millions of people – most of whom are unaware of their status.

Wales: measles outbreak in Newport

A measles outbreak has been declared in Newport after four people with links to one school were infected.

Health visitors help raise eye cancer awareness

Health visitors play a crucial role in raising awareness of eye cancer with parents, according to a new survey.

Immunisation: does it need a booster?

Is immunisation slipping down the health visiting agenda? Helen Bedford, professor of child public health, explores the evidence.

Antibiotics under the microscope

Are antibiotics becoming a healthcare catastrophe? Lorna Duckworth explores how real a problem antimicrobial resistance is, its implications for public health and future generations, and what community practitioners can do to tackle it.

Practice closures ‘leave 200,000 without GPs’

Record numbers of GP practice closures have forced around 265,000 to move, according to data published in April.


Unvaccinated children being refused healthcare in Australia

One in six children not up to date with their vaccines have been refused healthcare treatment in Australia.

Children face record waits for ear, nose and throat consultations

Children in Scotland are waiting longer than ever for ear, nose and throat (ENT) appointments, figures reveal.