Sepsis in the community

Health campaigns are finally raising awareness of the life-threatening infection, sepsis. Independent nurse and health visitor Dorothy Karikari-Boateng takes a closer look, including how to spot and advise families on the infection.

Farsighted children at risk of falling behind at school

A new US study suggests that farsighted children starting school find it harder to pay attention.

Scotland: too few children eat enough fruit and veg

A new Scotland-wide survey that paints a picture of the nation’s health found that just 13% of children are getting their five a day, and 29% are at risk of being overweight.

Wales: inactivity costs NHS £35m a year

Sedentary lifestyles cost NHS Wales £35m in 2015, according to new analysis by Public Health Wales.

UK: new advice on eggs

Infants, pregnant women and the very elderly can now enjoy runny eggs that carry the British Lion mark.

Thank you, Ros!

Ros Godson, lead professional officer at Unite, retires at the end of 2017 after a 40-year career
in nursing. Her colleagues share their thoughts…

More than a game

Young children aren’t getting enough playtime outside, but why is that a problem, and how can you help to change the situation? Journalist John Windell reports.

The impact of parental conflict on children

Children can be the silent victims when their parents’ relationship goes sour, reports journalist Phil Harris. But with the right awareness, it doesn’t have to be that way…

Meet the talented new president

Broadcaster, presenter and vocal coach to the stars Carrie Grant is the new honorary president of the CPHVA. She tells us about her passion for the NHS, her vision for patient-led healthcare, and the power of community practitioners to effect change.

Living near a park eases asthma for kids

City kids with asthma who live near parks have fewer days with symptoms, says new research.

Changing direction

Viv Bennett CBE explains why Public Health England is adopting a healthy living approach, and how you can play a key role in spreading the word.