Beating the back-to-school blues

The arrival of the new school year can be a difficult time for children, reports Phil Harris.

Doing it by the book

In an age of voice activation and touchscreen technology, has the humble book had its day? We look at why reading is still so crucial – and how community practitioners can help families get children into books.

Drawings of people identify gifted children

A study of portraits drawn by children finds details in a person’s appearance, like freckles, are included only by the ‘highly gifted’.

NI children’s commissioner warns against ‘unacceptable’ isolation discipline in schools

The children’s commissioner has spoken out against the practice of using ‘isolation rooms’ to discipline children in schools.

NI ahead on improving pupil literacy

Northern Irish pupils are the most likely to make improvements in reading, a UK-wide study has found.

Sex education: how to really do it

Children are growing up in a confusing world of online sex and modern gender norms, says Anna Scott. They require relevant, up-to-date sex education to keep them safe from harm and able to form healthy relationships.

England and Wales: boy of five among 400 sexting cases

Thousands of children, some as young as five, have been investigated for sexting. Nearly 400 children under the age of 12 have been spoken to by police in the last three years across England and Wales, according to freedom of information requests from the BBC.

Scotland: preconception health campaign launches

People who want to have children in the future are being encouraged to think about their health during their reproductive years as part of a new campaign by a health board.

Framework for school nursing launched

The new school nursing framework for Wales has been published, in which three levels of support are offered to establish a ‘team around the child’.

'Still a shortfall for specialist nurse training funds'

A partial U-turn for Northern Ireland specialist nurse training funding has been announced, but universities say student numbers will still be affected. 

Can government hit health visitor target?

Plans to increase the number of health visitors in the NHS in Scotland by around 50% in four years may be missed due to staff leaving and retiring.